Shell's deepwater development

Shell has maintained position as one of the leaders in the global lubricant market for the tenth year in a row, in correspondence with Kline & Company’s Global Lubricants Industry: Market Analysis and Assessment 2016 report. This report also places Shell Lubricants as the market leader in the UK and USA.

As well as establishing thriving relationships with equipment manufacturers such as BMW AG, Toyota, General Motors, Siemens and many more, Shell also provides lubricant solutions for manufacturing machinery, heavy duty mining equipment, wind turbines and other types of industrial machinery.  Additionally, Shell incorporates a value-adding technical service that allow for its industrial customers to monitor, maintain and use lubricant applications in their equipment. This has generated over a hundred million dollars in cost savings.

Shell is currently working on the Appomattox project in the Gulf of Mexico, to be their eighth floating platform in the Gulf, and also the largest with a capacity of 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d). It is also one of the deeper rigs, with a water depth of approximately 7,200 feet. The Appomattox deepwater development is due to start producing in 2020, it is speculated that this deep water project will boost Shell’s production by up to 60 percent. The overall cost of the project was also reduced by 20 percent due to Shell’s knowledge and experience from previous production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is also mention of possible future plans for newly discovered deepwater fields, Rydberg and Gettysburg, to be tied back to the platform. If these tie-backs are added to the project’s total production, they are estimated to potentially add around 800 million barrels of oil equivalent.