Alex Watson

Head of Logistics – Operations & Fulfilment



Alex has worked in Logistics for over a decade, the majority of which has been with the British fashion retailer Superdry. During this time has managed in a multitude of role in the supply chain from vendor to end customer.  This has been in both an in house capacity as well as the management of extensive outsourced activities.


Over the last 5 years, Alex’s activities have driven the strategic development of the supply chain in all areas including the deployment of new warehousing facilities and services in 3 continents. These customer focused changes have significantly reduced supply chain costs while improving customer experience in a high growth environment.


Alex is now working on the use and implementation of breakthrough technologies in all parts of the supply chain. Things like blockchain and cloud based big data solutions to improve forecasting and data validity. Further, this involves social systems and incentive prizes to drive next generation levels of collaboration across all of Superdry’s supply chain community.

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