Justin Wand

Deputy Director Fleet & Logistics

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust


Justin is a highly experienced, clinically focused, operational lead who has demonstrated the ability to manage diverse teams successfully in various roles within UK ambulance services.

Having worked in both Traditional and High Performance EMS systems implementing lean ‘Unit Hour’ production processes and improving quality, he has implemented a number of ‘Make Ready’ schemes providing a safe, efficient, quality driven vehicle preparation systems.

Contributing to the release of £50m of clinical time back into frontline care, he has redesigned and implemented high performing ambulance fleet operations and the development of pioneering, technologically advanced vehicles designs improving patient experience, staff satisfaction, reliability and economic efficiency.

Justin and his teams are currently working hard to transform the operational support functions at London Ambulance Service to meet the Trust’s strategy and implement a vision of patient centered, staff friendly systems, aimed at linking frontline services to back office support, liberating time and efficiencies from needless bureaucracy and waste.

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