Tom Rose

Head of International Operations

SPAR International


Tom Rose joined SPAR International in January 2015, heading up the operations team with a focus on enhancing supply chain initiatives within the global SPAR organization.


Tom’s background is in both retail and supply chain organizations, where he has built up a proven track record in fast moving, high demand environments. Tom has experience in retail stores, working with regional teams as well as with suppliers and third-party logistics operators in multiple countries.


The operations team support SPAR Partners in the areas of logistics, information and communication technology as well as equipment purchasing support. A number of events are organized by the operations department to support the sharing of best practice and knowledge sharing within SPAR. Tom’s expertise in the field of supply chain management and his customer driven supports cost effective solutions that enhance the customer experience and maximize service, key to a winning business formula.


Prior to joining SPAR International, Tom held the position of programme manager, distribution, within Tesco UK where he was responsible for the end-to-end supply chain transformation programme. He also gained experience with Asda/Wal-Mart over a ten year period, whereas the supply chain development manager he had responsibility for four functions within the business covering inbound logistics, supplier development programme, supply chain strategy and supply chain transformation programme.


Tom is passionate about what can be achieved for the customer, if manufacturers, suppliers, distribution and retail functions work collaboratively across the end to end supply chain. His favourite saying is ‘the sum of the parts is worth more than they are individually’.

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