Sustainable Supply Chain Conference 2022

Mauro Cozzi

Mauro Cozzi

Co-Founder, Emitwise

Mauro Cozzi is an engineer and entrepreneur, and currently Co-Founder and CEO of Emitwise. With his co-founders, he set up Emitwise to accelerate the transition to Net Zero by giving companies accurate and real-time visibility of their carbon emissions. This is critical for ensuring they can implement data-driven carbon reduction strategies. Given the urgency of the climate threat, he’s leading the business to tackle the biggest challenge first; helping the highest emitting and most complex sectors reduce their emissions. 


What drives Mauro is proving that sustainability and profitability aren’t mutually exclusive. He spends a lot of time in close communication with customers and sales prospects to understand their on-going challenges, and feeds this back to the product development team. With the backing of high-profile investors (including ex-Uber CEO Ryan Graves), Cozzi currently leads a team of 50+ highly passionate mission-oriented engineers and carbon accountants towards a common goal.